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          Company Qualifications

          Corporate culture of Ease Credit, approved and observed by all the staff, is a characteristic culture system formed in the growth process of Ease Credit and has constantly developed and improved. Uprightness, Responsibility, Learning, Cooperation and Development constitute the core of the value and have always accompanied Ease Credit in its expansion and strengthening, powerfully guaranteeing our pursuing and realizing the goal of self-improvement and co-development with the credit information service industry and the country and society.

          Ms. Vicky HAN-the founder of Ease Credit is a leader in the business credit information service industry in Mainland China and has been engaged in this industry for more than 17 years. She has successively acted as Director of International Dept., General Manager of International Dept., General Manager of Sales Dept., Vice President and Senior Vice President with Sinotrust (which has been acquired by EXPERIAN), and has been dedicated to serving world famous credit insurance companies, domestically funded and foreign-funded banks, Japanese trading companies and many global top 500 enterprises. In Mar. 2015, Ms. HAN together with Mr. Xiangjun ZHOU-the former Operation Vice President of Sinotrust established Ease Credit, and held the post of Co-President.

          Led by Ms. Vicky HAN and Mr. Xiangjun ZHOU, Ease Credit has always persisted in the task of promoting social creditability and fair trade, and leads the progress of credit information service in China with a brand new credit mode, dedicated to bringing a stage of infinite possibilities and global perspective to you. Making customers’ credit experience the guide, Ease Credit will create and launch the brand new credit information service mode, that is, 7X24 online credit information service mode, and three major solutions (trade credit solution, financial credit solution and compliance due diligence solution) in the credit service industry by integrating online big data service and traditional credit information service. Meantime, Ease Credit adheres to the people-oriented service spirit, and makes resources integration and win-win cooperation its operation strategy. Relying on the support of innovation model and remarkable idea, it renovates the traditional credit business service concept and injects new vigor in the development of the whole credit information service industry. In addition, Ease Credit has always regarded cultivation of professionals and provision of best customers’ experience as its own duty, and expects to realize win-win cooperation via growing together with staff and customers.

          Team Advantage:

          All the staffs of Ease Credit are well experienced in this industry and have been engaged in relevant industry for more than 8 years on average. Relying on Ease Credit’s powerful database resources, they can prepare high quality credit reports for customers and help them lower credit risk by making use of own expertise and information acquired from various sources.

          Our business clerks in nationwide regions can directly visit the business management system set up in Beijing.  Data input and gathering can be conducted simultaneously in order to guarantee business clerks can provide specialized services for customers at the first time.

          Ease Credit has own technology development and data management teams. Besides satisfying own data management demands, Ease Credit provides data management outsourcing services and forceful support for your customer data and market information management depending on own data management experience and technologies.

          Credit Filing

          The social credit system has always been the weakness in the development of society and economy. The construction of China’s banking credit system just illustrates the significance of the whole social credit service system. Nowadays, internet finance has grown vigorously and has mastered numerous data. How to connect these data and the credit reporting system of the Central Bank has always constituted a discussion topic in this industry.

          Since Regulation on the Administration of Credit Investigation Industry was released on Mar. 15, 2014, it is apparent that China has implemented the license plate management on individual credit investigation, which is not only attributed to high sensitivity of individual credit information but also for the purpose of strengthening individual information protection. Due to the factor of banking business, individual credit reporting data still have quite big blank for the moment. However, along with the progress of the P2P industry, quite many data bases accumulated by some platforms focusing on individual credit and regional credit will play a greater role in improving China’s individual credit reporting system.

          The insiders believe that the improvement of social credit reporting system will constitute the basis for the future development of internet finance. But the previously closed internet finance has both slowed the whole system construction and hindered the development of internet finance. The connection of credit reporting system and internet will considerably propel the construction of the whole social credit reporting system and the development of the internet credit investigation industry.

          Industry Association

          Director Unit of Beijing Credit Association

          Beijing Credit Association is a social organization as legal person established with the approval of Beijing Social Organization Administration Office and its higher-level organization is Beijing Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology. (Registration No.: JMSZZ No. 0011674)

          Beijing Credit Association is a non-profit organization sponsored and voluntarily organized by various enterprises, credit service organizations, financial institutions, industry associations and employees as well as all kinds of economic organizations and individuals that aspire to participate in the construction of social credit system in Beijing.

          One of the main tasks of Beijing Credit Association is providing specialized credit services for enterprises, individuals, governments and all walks of life by joining hands with various credit service organizations in Beijing. Meanwhile, Beijing Credit Association will take an active part in promoting the application of credit products and credit services to corporate management, financial credit, government decision making and industry self-disciplines, constantly expand the credit service market, and drive the healthy development of credit service institutions in order to serve the advancement of economy and society in Beijing.

          Join Beijing Credit Association. Let us make common endeavor to propel the construction of social credit system in Beijing, create the good image of Credit Beijing, optimize capital development environment and promote the better and more rapid development of capital city economy.

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