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          Business Credit Reports:

          Business credit is the cornerstone of trade, and good credit risk management is the foundation for maintaining business smooth operation, and also the common risk type in business decision making. In business decision making, decision makers in most cases make a profound investigation on the operation capacity of partners, reasonably judge their credit risk levels and formulate reasonable risk handling measures in order to safeguard own commercial interest to the greatest extent. Nevertheless, decision makers often cannot assess the hidden risk in a rapid and correct way in business practice owing to the lack of timely and effective information and appropriate criteria.

          Business decision makers should place credit management at a strategic level and energetically improve credit management level, and efficiently lower and control credit risk for the purpose of safe and prompt collection of accounts receivable.

          Understanding business information and assessing credit risk   Problems in business credit risk management
          How to understand customers’ operation and financial status; how to make risk decision;
          How to make sales staff have risk awareness and initiatively balance risk and return;
          How to design scientific credit trade risk management to realize scientific risk management;
          How to practice risk management work to avoid risk reasonably

          Understanding and recognizing supplier risk assessment

          To screen and identify excellent suppliers is a time-consuming and hard and also extremely challenging job. Whether you, as a supplier manager, are faced with such problems everyday as what enterprises are excellent suppliers? What are the standards for measuring excellent suppliers? How to know whether suppliers have significant changes or potential risks, and how to evade the risk arising from cooperation with suppliers?

          In pace with the in-depth understanding of modern supplier management concept, Ease Credit, in allusion to all the concerned issues about supplier screening and assessment, focuses on operation capacity, operation strength, financial stability, development prospect and other key factors in business credit reports with suppliers’ characteristics and categories taken into account, and assist you with understanding your suppliers in rapid, efficient and complete ways, and making an objective evaluation on their comprehensive quality relying on the real-time database of 7X24 online credit information service platform and integrating business credit reporting online services.

          Types of Business Credit Reports

          Standard Credit Report:

          Standard credit report is the favorite credit information product of Ease Credit. Its content covers more than 20 modules, including business registration information, history, executives, finance, credit records, selling information, purchasing information, import & export, trademarks & patents, industry profile, industry benchmark, credit rating, base credit limit, etc. Standard credit reports are widely adopted by banks, and credit insurance and commercial credit suppliers for assessing Subject’s credit capacity and risk.

          Public Records Report

          Public records report is much favored by financial institutions or legal service departments of enterprises, including such modules as business registration information, shareholders and shares, trademarks and patents, ranking list, litigation records, etc. Via this kind of report, users can be rapidly acquainted with Subject’s registration and equity information as well as various public records.

          In-depth Credit Report

          In-depth credit report makes a more detailed and accurate investigation and analysis of Subject’s history & background, business activities, financial performance, industry profile, etc. based on the standard credit report. This report is characterized by quite detailed contents, long investigation cycle and high price, and principally used for assessing the credit capability of key accounts or key partners.

          Registration Report

          Registration report provides Subject’s legal name, registered address, registered capital, paid-up capital, Legal Representative, business scope, duration of operation, shareholders and shares, etc., and can be used for quickly confirming Subject’s identity, and judging its capital operation capability and shareholders’ background.

          International Credit Report

          Enterprises will often encounter the risks related to national politics, economy and business environment in the process of cross-border trade, overseas relation expansion, and overseas market seeking. As a supplier of business credit reports in Mainland China, Ease Credit cooperates with major business credit report suppliers in different countries and is capable of providing business credit reports in over 200 countries and regions worldwide. The international credit report covers the following contents: registration information, shareholders and background, executives’ background, affiliates, main business, operating status, credit records and comprehensive assessment based on Subject’s scale, history and background. This report can help users have an insight into country risk with a specialized angle of view, and promptly grasp business opportunity.

          The international reports in the following regions are supplied:

          • Asia: Mainland China, HK, Macao, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, India, Malaysia, Philippines, etc.
          • Oceania: Australia and New Zealand
          • Europe: German, France, Belgium, Greece, UK, Italy, Turkey, Netherlands, Spain, Ireland, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, etc.
          • North America: America and Canada
          • Central and South America: Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Uruguay, Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, Columbia, Peru, etc.

          Core Value of Business Credit Reports:

          Business credit reports can help you:

          make a comprehensive understanding of business compliance risk

          fast acquire business authenticity

          promptly evade and control credit risk

          make business credit extension decision in a speedy and convenient way

          successfully lower risk cost and improve risk operation capability.

          successfully lower risk cost and improve risk operation capability.

          Download of business credit report samples

          Standard credit report/public records report/registration report/international credit report

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